Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Scallops Tote

I have always enjoyed crafting. I love to create things, plan parties, and occasionally sew. I have a wonderful sewing machine that I use to make burp clothes, simple pillows, table runners and anything with simple straight lines. I have decided to venture out of my "comfort zone" with my sewing projects. I plan on taking a beginning quilting class in March and will try to do some more advanced projects eventually. But you have to start somewhere, so here is my first project!

I got the idea off of pinterst, and found the tutorial here.

I am all about a tutorial with lots of pictures, so this one was great!!

It is a small tote bag with pretty scallops on the front. I plan on using it for Molly's church nursery bag! I love the fabrics I chose (all from JoAnn's), they are so springy!

Close up of the scallops! They were by far the trickiest part!

It is even lined!!

I am feeling pretty proud of myself at this point and excited to see what else I am capable of!!
Now it's your turn to try something out of your comfort zone!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date Night In

I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions. Probably because I can never seem to keep them! I always make really absurd goals and then try really hard for a month and then feel terrible when I fail two months later! So I figure I will avoid feeling terrible if I just don't make them! There, now that I have confessed, here is our "plan for the new year", totally different!! :)

Jeff and I have started Date Night In. Every Saturday night (after the munchkin is asleep) we will pick a dinner recipe and cook together. We are trying to choose things we wouldn't normally make during the week and maybe out of our comfort zone. It is our way of not eating out as much and spending some quality time together.

Week One- Venetian Shrimp and Scallops and Roasted green bean bundles with prosciutto

It was delicious, the only down side was the scallops were really expensive! Week Two- Salmon Cakes with Lemon Caper Sauce, green beans and chipotle sweet potato fries

Fantastic!! Leftovers, too!

We are really enjoying our time together and the food has been delicious so far. Hopefully this will be something we can stick too!

Monday, January 9, 2012

15 months + a little

Molly's 15 month check up was to fall right before all of our Christmas celebrations, so I decided to wait to schedule our appointment. Then we had a cold and an ear infection, so we are just now getting around to it. Better late then never! Here she is on her actual 15 month birthday. Best picture I could get, she is on the move constantly!

Today at her 15 month appointment, checking out her stats sticker! At 15 months she is almost 23 pounds and 31 inches tall. Charting right around the 50th percentile for her age. I believe the doctor called her "pretty perfect" in almost every way! I have to agree! Our only little issue is her iron is low, but we have some drops that we hope to remedy that little problem!

Things I want to remember about 15 months:

  • Favorite toys- Little People figures, Talking Elmo, princess building blocks, puzzles and your new Car!

  • You are constantly asking to go outside and get really upset when we go out in the garage and I put you in my car and not yours! You love to ride in your car or wagon, and just walk up and down the sidewalk checking out everything.

  • You love your books! You will back up and sit yourself down in our laps and read book after book. I love this about you! Your favorites right now are your Elmo lift the flap books, Where is Baby's Belly Button?, and Little People Go to the Zoo.

  • You give great kisses, hugs and high fives.

  • You are talking up a storm. You just mastered a precious "thank you" and it melts my heart every time I hear it. "Woof woof" is by far the most used word in your collection. Anything with fur is a doggy these days. You have also started using "No", not such a great development.

  • You are now pulling me to toys and taking me to places in the house for something you want. I love that you are communicating with me in a way I can understand.

You love to go out and about during the day. I think you like seeing other people besides just me all day! You wave and say "Hi" to everyone we see, and get really upset if they don't say anything back. Everyone gets a "bye bye" when we leave!

You have learned to take off your shirt all by yourself! Look out, naked play time! Luckily, this only happens when your shirt is a little too big.

You are growing up way to fast little Miss, and I love spending my days with you! I couldn't imagine my life without that precious face!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas in Pictures

We had a wonderful holiday this year! Molly is at such a fun age, watching her take it all in was the best part, by far! She is still a little young to get everything but there was definitely a glimmer of "wonder " in her eyes! Here is a short summary through our pictures.
Molly's visit to see Santa. She did surprisingly well, the tears didn't start until after the picture was taken.

An early Christmas Eve at my parent's house. Molly and Dylan in their matching pjs, who would have guessed it was only Dec. 16th.

The cousins waiting patiently at Molly's new table. I know that this is probably the last year we will be able to keep them waiting!

We were so happy to have Pop Pop (Molly's great grandpa) with us for Christmas. He and Molly were mastering their drumming skills.

Yum! Homemade raviolis! A Gassiraro tradition. She ate more than mommy!

We then traveled to Houston for the actual Christmas weekend.

Once Molly found where the Christmas cookies were kept, she kept going back for more! "I want that one right there please!"

Luckily she was kind enough to share with Daddy.

An attempt at a family Christmas picture.

Hanging out with Aunt Katie. She was determined not to smile until after the picture was taken.

Christmas morning Gigi and Grandpa gave Molly her first car and a trailer for all her buddies! She loves it! Her new favorite words are "car" and "go go."

Molly playing with Gigi's nativity scene. Good thing it was made of plastic because she was obsessed with it. Hopefully she continues to appreciate the real reason for the season.

It was a wonderful time had by all and now we are having a little withdrawal.

"Christmas come back soon!" Love, Molly