Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Emily 8 months

8 months and counting!

It has been an eventful month!! You are moving everywhere, not crawling, just moving! You get where you want to be! You have sprouted your first top tooth and the second one isn't far behind! You have mastered the pincher grip with your fingers which you promptly used to put cheerios and puffs in your mouth!! Now you want them all the time! You had your first experience with pink eye! Luckily you didn't mind the ointment and it came and went very quickly!
Your first road trip to Houston wasn't that great. You slept great in the car but when you were awake you weren't happy to just chill!! Mommy had to get in the back seat with you and Sesame Street songs on repeat got us through! Hopefully you will learn to entertain yourself better before we try another road trip! Your sister is your favorite person, followed closely by your daddy!

You are growing like a weed and eating like a horse! You are wearing 12-18 months clothes and even some of those don't fit!! :) I love you little chunky monkey!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

So.much.fun! That pretty much sums up our Christmas this year! Yes, there was some sickness and traveling woes, but overall so fun!!

Christmas #1 Gassiraro family



Molly made an epic Gingerbread House!

Stopped by to see Santa!
 Christmas #2 Our little family of 4

 Christmas #3 The Brand Family in Houston


Merry Christmas!!

Emily 7 months

So I am a little late this month, but we have been super busy!! And so have you little one!!
Here are some highlights!!
-You have two bottom teeth and you like to play with them with your fingers
-you do this funny little chuckle
-you are trying your first cheerios and puffs, not quite able to get them yourself
-you constantly wiggle your toes and rotate your feet, I love it!
-sitting up all by yourself and rolling over constantly!
-you say dada all the time but with no person attached to it, it is your favorite sound
-you love to yell, for no apparent reason at all
-you are growing so fast, as apparent by your pajamas

-you experienced your first snow, well ice storm really

-we had our first trip to Urgent Care during the ice storm because you had a relapse of your cough and cold
-finally slept through the night!!! Hallelujah!

Love you munchkin!!