Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We went to church on Saturday so we were able to spend Sunday with my family and the Easter Bunny!

This is Molly's Easter basket from the Easter Bunny at our house!

We opened a fun box from Grandma and Grandpa Brand and Aunt Katie. Molly loved the books and puppy dog, but her favorite thing was the bow!

Molly hanging with her favorite person...Daddy!

Another Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa G. Everything was so tasty!

That little chick didn't have a chance!

Bunny ears from Aunt Jenny! Mom couldn't resist making her wear them. They were so darn cute.

Molly taking a break from her Easter dress and getting hugs from cousin Dylan.

A wonderful weekend celebrating our Lord and special times with family.

Monday, April 18, 2011

7 months

This month was full of firsts...

Your first fruits and veggies. You love bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots and corn. You hate anything green! Your little face puckers up and you refuse to open your mouth. Luckily you don't seem to notice when I hide them with something else. Your favorite things to eat our these Ella Organic pouches. You shovel them in and can't seem to get enough!

Your first cheerios! You love them but haven't quite mastered getting them in your mouth by yourself. They usually end up on your chin or chest! But you gobble them up when we feed them to you! You also really like the Gerber puffs in banana flavor and the Mum Mum wafers. These are so great when we are at a restaurant, they keep you busy while we eat! Your first teeth! Two beautiful pearly whites popped up on your bottom jaw. This explained why you were so fussy and why your sleep was so messed up. As soon as the first one popped through the gum, you were fine. I am kinda dreading the next two, but hopefully the first are the worst. Sophie the giraffe sure has come in handy!
Your first sick visit to the doctor. You weren't really sick but you had a funny rash on your cheeks and some really bad diaper rash. The doc diagnosed you with having eczema. So, with a little change in soap and lotion, and some cream for your rash, you were good as new! It looks like you are going to have really sensitive skin like your mommy and daddy!

You are able to sit up all by yourself and play. Since this new development, you hate to be on your back for any period of time. You laugh when you fall backwards or to the side but then you want up immediately. This makes you not so fond of diaper changes anymore which is not so fun for mom! You are reaching for everything!!!! When you reach forward and fall you are almost up on your knees. Crawling is just around the corner, Lord help us!

You love to play with household objects. You like the remote, my phone, Tupperware, measuring spoons and any piece of paper you can get your hands on. I love these indestructible baby books, they won't rip or tear and are safe for you to put in your mouth. You love the way they crinkle like paper but they aren't a choking hazard!

We spent a lot of time in Houston last month and you loved the time with your Grandpa outside. Too bad it was the same weekend you were cutting teeth, not much sleep was had by anyone that weekend!
You are fascinated with your Aunt Katie's long hair. You stare and stare and then grab! You don't get to see much long hair at home with mommy!

This month flew by and I have a strange feeling they will continue to fly until your first birthday. I would love to press "pause" for just a little while! I love you baby girl!