Saturday, November 19, 2011


It was a cold and windy day in November, when we got an awesome invitation from Mimi and Papa! They wanted to take their grand girls to the Sea Life Aquarium! Yes, please!! I was very interested to see how nice this aquarium was going to be, considering it is in a mall, yes a mall. They put a two story aquarium in the mall right down the street from our house. We decided to check it out.

It was beautiful. Now true, it is not Sea World or The Dallas World Aquarium, but was pretty awesome! Molly loved it! She loves the fish tank at the doctors office, so this was a dream!

They had a really cool walk through tunnel with water on all sides. Dylan and Molly weren't too sure what to think about walking on the water. A little scary for new walkers! There were fish, sharks, stingrays and even a sea turtle swimming all around us.

This is my favorite shot of Molly. She went straight up to the glass, threw her hands on it and kissed it!! She loved all the fishys!

Sitting in front of the fresh water exhibit! There were all kinds of activities for kids to do, ours were a little young for most of it but older kids would enjoy it all.

Molly and Dylan playing peek-a-boo on different sides of an aquarium. BOO!

They had a great area where you could touch and feel different sea creatures. Molly was too young for this, but she liked touching the starfish through the glass.

The tide pool! A wave would come through every few minutes and she would just smile and giggle! Not scared at all...where was that attitude when we were at the beach this summer?

Papa said you can't leave without a souvenir, so meet Fishy! Our newest friend going home with one happy little girl!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We prepared for Halloween by wearing our skeleton pjs every night! Spooky huh? Since Molly knows two animal sounds these days, "Moo" and "Woof, woof." I decided that one of them would be perfect for her Halloween costume. Here is our little moo cow Molly!

I was so surprised she actually kept the ears on all night!

Here is cousin Dylan in her strawberry costume! So sweet!

We went over to my parents house to show off our costumes and trick or treat! Too bad they were more excited about the goodies in Mimi and PaPa's pantry!
Cowgirl Mommy with her little calf!

All ready to go in our wagon! Trick or Treat!