Monday, October 18, 2010

1 Month old

I can't believe that we are already at 1 month. The last four weeks have gone by so fast, even with the sleepless nights! Molly, here are your stats this month:

Weight: 10lbs 9oz

Height: 21.5 in.

You are growing like a weed and gaining weight like a champ! You love to eat and you are not afraid to let us know when you are hungry! I call you my little piggy because you like to grunt while you eat and sometimes just for the fun of it. You are having some trouble spitting up, and we both change clothes often. You love to be held and won't let me put you down during the day which makes for a very unproductive Mom. You love to nap on your tummy on Daddy's chest, it is when you sleep your best. On a good night you will sleep for 4 hours straight between feedings.

You love bath time and enjoy our short car trips. So far we have only ventured to the grocery store and doctors appointments but we are trying to get out a little bit more each week.

You have had many visitors and I tried to take pictures but didn't get them all! We love you sweet girl and love watching you grow!