Tuesday, August 21, 2012

St. Louis

In July, the original Gassiraro clan plus two toddlers embarked on an epic trip to St. Louis! My parents, sister, niece, Molly and I spent a week in the city of our birth and experienced all it had to offer. We had a great time with family and saw all that we could in the 100 degree heat! Here are a few of the highlights!
First stop was The Magic House!

Giant Lite Bright! She could have stayed here all day!

Water table!

Spent the day at Pop Pop's house. Swinging on the back porch, just like their mommies used to do!

Coloring with Pop Pop

At Grant's Farm feeding the goats!

St. Louis Zoo! Such an amazing zoo!

Couldn't believe Dylan sat still long enough to get her face painted!

Riding the zoo train!

Choo Choo! It was hot, but fun!