Friday, August 26, 2011


A few weeks ago my family embarked on a vacation we had been planning for awhile. Ever since we were younger my family has enjoyed traveling to Destin, Florida for beach vacations. We have stayed in condos, houses and high rises. We have stayed up and down the beaches of Destin and Fort Walton but have finally found our favorite spot. Right off of highway 30A in between Seaside and Rosemary Beach. This is a fabulous stretch of beaches and small towns. This is the house we stayed in this year. It was a great house on the beach with our own private pool. It was like we lived there for the week. It was big, but it needed to be, because we had a lot of people!

In attendance for the week were:

The Brand family! Thanks to MeMe and Bobby for orchestrating this great pic!

Jen, Stephen and Dylan.

My mom and dad


The Pruett clan!

My Aunt Fran and cousins Christina, Bobby and Jen

Dylan loved the beach! She has no fear, running into the waves, building sandcastles and spending all day in the sand and sun!

Molly...not so much! She was not fond of the beach at all. Here she is touching the sand for the first time, looks okay right. Wrong! Right after she burst into tears and wouldn't go near it or the ocean. We tried on different days, same result. Maybe next time!

She did have fun playing on the patio with Dylan every morning! Trying to not wake the rest of the house at 6 am!

She love, love, loved the pool! She stayed in so long her little feet were all wrinkled! I bought this great float from Buy Buy Baby and it was perfect! I am a sucker for a baby in a sunhat!

We also brought along a blow up baby pool so she could play in the shade. Big hit! The water was nice and cool, which I can't say the same for the pool.

All in all it was a great trip! Vacations are a little different once the kiddos come around but it sure is fun to see their wonder and awe of new places and things!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

11 months

We are a little late on our post because Miss Molly spent her 11 month birthday on the beach in Florida!! More on that to come!
This has been a big month of new developments! Molly is pulling up and walking side to side holding on to just about anything. She has gotten so steady on her feet and has learned to reach down and grab things without sitting. She can stand and hold her balance without holding on for about 20 seconds. She is so proud of herself when she stands all alone! She is very mobile these days and can crawl at lightning speed! She loves to crawl away from me and wait for me to chase her. She giggles and thinks I am so funny!
I love to watch her play, you can just see her little mind going a mile a minute. She likes to take toys in and out of bins and turn the pages of her books. She loves to dance. Any music from her toys, the tv or radio will get her little body moving! She is repeating a lot of words and loves blowing raspberries!! She can eat her weight in watermelon and blueberries!!

How big is Molly? Soooo big!!!

Showing Grandpa Kenny her favorite spot to play!

Eating at Twisted Root with my daddy! A little to young for a PBR!

First ride-on toy! Not quite sure what to think of it!

Eating spaghetti with her cousin Dylan! Shirtless is the only way to go!!

I can't believe we are so close to her first birthday!! It has gone by way to fast!!

We are having so much fun doing life with this precious little girl!!! Love you Molls!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer of WinKids!

This summer I signed Molly up for a mommy and me gymnastics class at a local gym called WinKids. It was a weekly class full of kids Molly's age and their mommies. When we started back in June she wasn't even crawling yet and was so apprehensive about the whole thing. We had our last class today, and she was all over the place and loving it! I think we will take another class when she is walking.

She loved the bells, balls and bubbles the best!!!

Being very ambitious and trying to climb the alphabet wall!

More bells!

Molly's first ribbon! She is such a big girl!