Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we decided to brave the local pumpkin patch! The weather had cooled off and we hoped the crowds wouldn't be too bad. I dressed my little pumpkin in some of her "fall" clothes for the cool morning air. Too bad, by the time we got there it was pretty warm in the sunshine. She was a little hot, and very overwhelmed by all the goings on at the pumpkin patch. Here are some of the highlights! "Mom, why did you put me in this trough of pumpkins??"

Classic Molly face!!

She kept saying "ball" and pointing to the pumpkins.

"Daddy, you are so silly!"

This was the only pumpkin we came home with. The big ones were super expensive! Our Jack o Lantern will come from the Kroger pumpkin patch!

She hasn't let this little pumpkin out of her sight since we left the patch! It goes with her everywhere!