Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zoo with Mimi and Papa

We had a beautiful Spring Break trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo with Mimi and Papa! Molly loved it as usual and Emily loved everything about her first trip!

Molly and Mimi feeding the birds!

Can't leave without a little souvenir! Baby zebra for Em and a baby rhino for Molly!
Thanks Mimi and Papa for the fun day!


Emily 10 months

This picture sums up my little girl! Sticking your tongue out and blowing a raspberry! Love this girl so much and we are having so much fun these days!! You are full of life and energy. You are into EVERYTHING! It all started with you pulling up.

Then you figured out how to stand up in your crib!

Now you crawl at the speed of lightning, pull up on anything you can and then proceed to make a mess!!! You love to dump out all the food in the play kitchen, throw all the Little People out of their tub, and toss all puzzle pieces on the floor! After, of course, you put them all in your mouth!

You have a new tooth, and you say "Hi" to just about everyone! It is so cute! I love it when you come across a doll or stuffed animal and when you pick it up you say "Hi"! You have had your first tastes of table food, spent the weekend at Mimi and Papas, and your first visit to the zoo! It flew by as usual and I can't believe you are so close to your first birthday!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Emily 9 months


9 months and counting... please make it stop!! You are getting so big so fast!!

This month you got your DOC band, we had some trouble with heat rash at the beginning but you are going strong now with no problems.! Another tooth appeared this month, you now have two on top and two on the bottom. You are eating me out of house and home! Your stats are 21 lbs 12 oz and you are 28.5 inches long!! My growing girl!! You started crawling this month and haven't stopped moving since! You are into everything and it is a good thing you have that extra protection on your head, because you have no fear!!
Getting into your sister's toys in your favorite thing!!

DOC band

Emily started a new adventure at the beginning of February! She is the proud owner of a DOC band.
Doesn't she look excited!! After much debate and some convincing images taken by the specialist, we decided that this was the right choice for Emily. Her head was significantly flatter on one side then the other and her precious cheeks were also a little disproportionate.  Luckily our insurance covered most of it! Thank goodness, not a cheap thing!! Our goal for a perfectly shaped head is 3 months!!

We were even able to get the band wrapped by a charitable organization that does them for free! No more stark white band for Emily!