Friday, September 23, 2011

1st birthday- the party

Here are some pictures of all the fun we had at Molly's first birthday! We were so lucky to have so many family and friends there to celebrate with us!! It was a wild party filled with nothing but fun!!

Happy Birthday to You!!!

"Wow, this cake is huge! I wonder what it tastes like"

And then the tears came, not a fan of her cake and everyone watching!!

Loving my new chair Mommy and Daddy got me!!

The little red wagon my MiMi and PawPaw gave me was a hit!! Everyone wanted to go for a ride!

PawPaw and Dylan hanging out!

Grandpa Kenny feeding me some cheese! Mmmm I love cheese and my Grandpa!

Hanging out with my buddy Joseph in my wagon, Daddy was chaperoning!!

All my friends enjoying the party!

Riley liked the wagon too!!

My buddy Davis checking things out!

Drew sure did like those Legos!!!

What a day to remember!!

1st birthday- the details

I know that everyone says the first birthday should be really low key, the birthday girl won't remember it anyway right? Wrong! My way of thinking was a little different. This party was more for mama than for Molly, she can have whatever she wants for her parties from here on out, but I get the first! We went with a cookies and milk party with chocolate brown, hot pink, green and blue accents. Here is a wreath on the door to welcome guests and a sign in the entry way!

I made tissue paper pom poms to decorate the house and add those pops of color!

Her Happy Birthday banner hung above the dessert table!

Molly's smash cake and iced sugar cookies!

Even though we had lots of cookies, a birthday isn't the same without cupcakes!

Can't have cookies without milk!

Milk is so much more fun to drink out of little milk bottles and paper straws.

Cookie jars full of goodies!

Party favors were "make your own" bag of cookies to take home!

It was such a fun party to plan. I got tons of ideas online and ordered all the printables, like signs, cupcake toppers, banners and labels from an etsy shop called TomKat Studio! She does really cute stuff you can print yourself! Those things really pulled it all together!

Up next, the birthday girl and all her friends on her big day!

Monday, September 19, 2011

12 months

Well it finally happened! My little baby turned one!! I know I have said this in every post, but I really don't know how this happened so fast. Yes, there have been times that seemed to drag on and on, but then others flew bye so fast.

Here are our little/big girl's stats: weight 21 lbs 13 oz height 29 1/4 inches. She is floating around the 50-60% for both. She is wearing 18 month clothes, mostly to fit over that buddha belly!

It has been a great month she has gone from crawling to cruising around everything. She is really confident on her feet and will stand alone for awhile. She now loves to use her push toys to "walk" around. She is so close to walking but has yet to take those first steps.

I love watching her play these days. She is so much more independent. She loves taking things out of containers and then putting them back in and then repeat, like 15 times! Never gets old! She knows all the buttons on her toys and which ones to push for the right reaction. She hugs her stuffed animals and goes "Ahhh" and will give anyone a kiss who asks for one. She is waving bye bye and her favorite word is "ball." She understands most of what I ask or tell her to do, at least I think she does. :) She loves to dance, anytime there is music she is shaking that little booty of hers. She has also become super opinionated lately, she will let you know if she doesn't like something, and she is loud!!!

She did really well at her birthday party...more on that to come!
Here are some pics I had taken last month for her invitation! She was so timid with the cake, but I am not surprised.

What a crazy, exciting, totally scary, and completely wonderful year it has been! I can't wait to see what the next year brings! I love you Molly Joan!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shopping finds

I was lucky enough to spend this glorious "fall like" day shopping outside with two of my favorite girls, Molly and my mom! I thought I would share the fun finds of the day!

I have been looking for a good starter bible for Molly. One with the bible stories written in a easy way for kids to understand. I decided to check one of my favorite shops on Main St. in Grapevine, Holy Grounds. They recommended this one.

It has all the stories of the bible written so that they rhyme. As a teacher, I know how important rhyming is and how it aids in a child's learning and understanding! I highly recommend it!!

The nice lady in the store also recommended this beautiful book by Carol Heyer. "Humphrey's First Christmas"

It is the story of the birth of Jesus as told by one of the Three Wise Men's camels. It has some humor, a great message and gorgeous pictures! This will be wrapped under our Christmas tree this year and I think it should be under yours too!!