Monday, September 24, 2012

Molly's Puppy Party

For those of you that asked, here are the details to Molly's 2nd Puppy Party! 
Welcome wreath on the front door!

The Pupcakes

Adopt a Puppy Station
Choose your puppy wisely!

They each got a carrie box to decorate and take their puppy home in!

The awesome doghouse Molly's daddy made!
Birthday Girl being shy!
Liam and Madison's first date!

Decorating their puppy carriers!

Liam wasn't quite sure what to think!

Drew loved his cupcake!

Yum, cupcake!

It was a wonderful day full of friends and family to celebrate our 2 year old!

Molly is 2!


My little girl has grown up so fast! It is really hard to believe that she was ever NOT a part of our lives! Here are some things I want to remember about Molly at this age:
-still a great sleeper, one long nap and sleeping about 11 hours at night
-picky eater. You love the foods you are used to but are not keen on trying new things
-your vocabulary is amazing! You are talking up a storm and your little sentences and the way you say things crack me up!
-you say "Thanks" instead of Thank you, "Yep" and "Nope" and "Bless you" whenever anyone sneezes or coughs
-you love to "cook" in your new kitchen, play with your babies, and of course your "woof woof" friends. You also love to go on walks outside with your doll stroller.
-you like to talk to your daddy on the phone at work
-you love to talk about school and all your friends, but are still crying when I drop you off
-your favorite show right now is Team Umizoomi
-your favorite song to sing is the ABC's
-you only use your paci in the car and in your crib (small steps ;)

You make me smile everyday and I can't believe what a little person you have become. I love watching your personality shine!


My little girl on her first day of MDO!

She is going Tuesday and Thursday mornings for about 4 hours. They eat lunch there but she will come home and take her nap! The first day went great, no tears and she said she had so much fun! I wish I could say it continued to go that well! She cries when I drop her off but her teachers say it is only for a few minutes and then she has a blast! Such a big girl!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

St. Louis

In July, the original Gassiraro clan plus two toddlers embarked on an epic trip to St. Louis! My parents, sister, niece, Molly and I spent a week in the city of our birth and experienced all it had to offer. We had a great time with family and saw all that we could in the 100 degree heat! Here are a few of the highlights!
First stop was The Magic House!

Giant Lite Bright! She could have stayed here all day!

Water table!

Spent the day at Pop Pop's house. Swinging on the back porch, just like their mommies used to do!

Coloring with Pop Pop

At Grant's Farm feeding the goats!

St. Louis Zoo! Such an amazing zoo!

Couldn't believe Dylan sat still long enough to get her face painted!

Riding the zoo train!

Choo Choo! It was hot, but fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Choo Choo train! (and animals too)

The Fort Worth Zoo has always been on my to do list for when Molly was a little older. With her love of animals and a better understanding of the different kinds, now was the time!
Daddy took the morning off and we headed to Funkytown to be there when it opened! We had a wonderful time. She loved the animals but seemed to be more enamored with the little things. Like the water features in the enclosures and the misting machines to keep the patrons cool. Go figure!

 By far, the biggest hit was the train! It was a 3 minute ride where you saw no animals at all, but she loved it! She didn't stop smiling the whole way!

 Checking out the penguins having lunch!

 "Giraffes are cool Mom but check out the fish in the pond!"


"The view is so much better up here!"

We will visit again for sure and wait for the animals to trump the train!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easter 2012

Playing catch up on my little blog!
Easter weekend was the first weekend in our new house! We got up early and had a little egg hunt in our backyard! It is a good thing we did it early because it rained the rest of the day! :(
Molly was so excited to get her eggs!

How many can I hold at once?

All done!
Then we headed to my parents house where we had an indoor hunt. I loved Molly's outfit but she wouldn't sit still for picture!

Checking out my basket from Mimi and Papa!
Cailou had to come along for the hunt.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

1st haircut

So Molly has been sporting this lovely side pony tail for awhile now, very Pebbles, don't you think? Her bangs were always in her face and I just couldn't take it anymore, so we went in for our first hair "trim."
She was a little apprehensive at first, but once she had her paci and Elmo, she was good to go! I think she was in the chair for about 5 minutes total, the lady was very fast and good!
I wish I had an after picture but she wasn't cooperating! We had a week or two of beautiful bangs but her hair grows so fast! I think I need to learn how to do this myself or else I might go broke!

Friday, March 23, 2012

18 months and counting

Well, it happened! My baby girl is one and a half! I keep asking her to stop growing up but it is not working! Here she is in her new swimsuit from GiGi and Aunt Katie! Ready for summer!!

Here are just a few things I want to remember about Molly at 18 months!
-She is obsessed with Elmo and all the Sesame Street characters. She can name them all and knows all the songs on her CD. Elmo is her favorite most of the time, followed closely by Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie.
-She has the sweetest "Puhleese" and "Sank You" I have ever heard!
-Talking up a storm, phrases and everything
-Loves to go to gym class to play and jump.
-Playing outside is the highlight of the day. She loves to go "walk" down the culdesac and wave to everyone she sees.
-She loves to "hide" from us and then say "oh know" so we wonder where she is!

-She loves her car and all other cars she sees. The sunglasses are a must when we are outside these days.
-walking around in mommy and daddy's shoes
- blowing bubbles with Mimi
-our first set of pigtails! They didn't last long but she sure does look cute!
-swinging at the park with Papa
-A new love of ice cream. The cone is her favorite part!
She has grown up so much but still melts my heart everyday! She has an opinion about things now and is not afraid to let you know it. She has thrown some small fits lately and I hope this is not the start of our terrible twos?? Not my baby girl...a mom can dream right!!
Happy 18 Months Molly goose!