Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crawfish baby!!

Our friends Mindy and Blaise are from Louisiana and know how to throw a good party! They have an annual crawfish boil every year and we never miss it! Yummy crawfish! Blaise makes the best crawfish!!
Molly playing with her Poodle Aunt Tara! She loved her necklace!

Little Joseph! Molly's boyfriend! (Well, if the two moms have anything to say about it!)

Molly and Joseph had so much fun playing together. I think this was their second date!

Molly borrowed Joseph's Aggie chair to take a break!

Family photo. I think Molly needs some sunglasses!

Tara and Will

Brandi and Jacob

Jeff with the newest Dallas poodle, Christen!

So mad I didn't get a picture of the host and hostess with the mostess! Thanks Mindy and Blaise for another awesome party!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

8 months

These months keep flying by! I feel like I just did your 7 month post! You didn't have a well check up this month but we did visit the doc (more on that later) so I know you are 18 lbs! No wonder my arms and back are sore after carrying you around!
I had a feeling you were going to have sensitive skin...but I had no idea what we were in for this month. It started as a few bumps on your leg and I just assumed it was eczema but then it started to spread up and down your leg and onto your tummy. It was really weird because it was just on your left side. It didn't seem to bother you, thank goodness! We made an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist and in the mean time we saw our normal pediatrician. She thought you might have shingles which totally weirded me out! Luckily after we saw the derm, we found out it was just a viral rash that will go away on its own. Way too much drama!!!

You are into EVERYTHING! Anything that is within arm distance or even close you will grab! I bought this play mat for you to play on and all you seem to do is rip it up! At least you are having fun doing it!

You are not crawling yet, but you seem to be able to get around just fine. I don't know how you do it, but if you want something you will find a way to get over to it! I have a strange feeling crawling is right around the corner.

You have mastered the art of grabbing Cheerios and shoving them in your mouth. Ever since, Jack has had a particular interest in you and your high chair. You love it! I swear you let the occasional Cheerio drop just so he can have one! You even gave him a piece of your teething biscuit yesterday! He is now your best friend!

I love you baby girl!



Friday, May 6, 2011

Molly earns her wings

This past weekend my mom and I took Molly to St. Louis. She has made many car trips but this was her very first plane ride. I was really nervous about the flight and how she would react. I was so glad to have my mom there for moral support. After soliciting much advice from my mom friends, we were prepared and ready to go! Molly sitting on my mom's lap with all she needed to keep her happy. Grammy, Sophie, her paci and a bottle of water to play with!

She did great! She had a bottle during take off and then fell asleep until right before we landed. She played for a bit and then started to fuss, but have no fear... Cheerios to the rescue. After we landed all the people around us gushed over her and how good she was. Funny how they waited till the flight was over to talk to us! :)

The reason we went to St. Louis was to visit family. First stop was my Grandpa's house. I have so many fond memories of this house growing up and am so glad Molly was able to visit a place that brought me so much joy.

Swinging on the back porch with Great Grandpa Paul. One of my favorite things to do as a little girl.

Since Grandpa doesn't have any baby gear, we had to make do! Eating my dinner at the kitchen table. These chairs worked perfect.

Taking a bath in the big tub! The big PINK tub. I wish I could find the pictures of my sister and I taking baths in this tub as kids.

After a few days with Grandpa we moved on to the next stop, my Aunt Fran's house. My grandmother is in a nursing home after her stroke but she was able to come to the house and spend the evening with us. I am so glad Molly was able to meet her and that my grandma was able to see her great-granddaughter.

We also got to see my cousins. Somehow, I managed to get away without a picture of Molly and Christina or Molly and my Aunt Fran. Next time, ladies!

Molly with my cousin Bobby and his wife Jen. She was fascinated with Bobby. I think he reminded her of her daddy!

The flight back home was a little more stressful for me because we were delayed due to weather. It didn't seem to phase Molly, she ate and then proceeded to sleep the entire flight home. (We even had to stay in the air an extra 50 minutes due to weather and had some pretty bad turbulence.) I had to wake her to get off the plane! :)

All and all, it was a wonderful trip. It was a lot of work and I couldn't have done it without my Mom! Thanks Mom, but I won't be planning another plane trip anytime soon!