Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Choo Choo train! (and animals too)

The Fort Worth Zoo has always been on my to do list for when Molly was a little older. With her love of animals and a better understanding of the different kinds, now was the time!
Daddy took the morning off and we headed to Funkytown to be there when it opened! We had a wonderful time. She loved the animals but seemed to be more enamored with the little things. Like the water features in the enclosures and the misting machines to keep the patrons cool. Go figure!

 By far, the biggest hit was the train! It was a 3 minute ride where you saw no animals at all, but she loved it! She didn't stop smiling the whole way!

 Checking out the penguins having lunch!

 "Giraffes are cool Mom but check out the fish in the pond!"


"The view is so much better up here!"

We will visit again for sure and wait for the animals to trump the train!!!