Monday, April 21, 2014

Emily 11 months

Well, it happened! As much as I tried to keep you from growing up, you did it again! Happy 11 months sweet girl! You are just pure joy these days! Even through a nasty ear infection, you were all smiles. You are pulling up and then walking along any piece of furniture you can get your hands on. You can stand all on your own for as long as you want and you will take one or two steps holding my hands! You babble constantly, with all kinds of new sounds! You still love to say "Hi" and your other favorite sound is "ooooooooo" when you get excited! You are getting better about eating table food, peaches, pears, crackers, carrots and puffs are your favorite. Your hair is getting so long and you still are rocking your helmet! Your sister makes you laugh and cry but you can't get enough of her. You love to play and leave a path of destruction wherever you go.
I can't believe that we are only one month from your big birthday! So crazy how fast this year has gone by!

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